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Even though Xcell Property Ventures is new in the condominium industry, they certainly do know how to do it right. Aside from providing spacious living residences, the Icon Tower also has more than enough amenities and features that can rival most high-end hotels in the Metro.

First, you do not need to worry about your own and your family’s safety as the Icon Tower has you covered. The management team handling the operations of the condominium has in its employ a team of highly trained professional security experts. These men and women are tasked with the responsibility of keeping the residents of the Icon Tower safe. This is why there are always guards posted in the entrances and exits of the building, constantly screening guests as they come in and making sure that people with no business inside the condominium will not get any further inside the building. They also patrol all the hallways and public areas of the condominium to ensure that the residents are safe.

The Icon Tower also has a recreational floor in the building. There, you will find the swimming pool area. There is a huge lounge pool that is deep and wide enough that you can actually use it as a lap pool but you can also use it to lounge around when the heat outside becomes quite unbearable. The pool area also has a great view of the neighboring Philippine Army golf course, so you can enjoy the sights while relaxing in the cool water of the pool.

In the same level as the swimming pool is the Icon Tower’s fitness center. The great thing about the fitness center is that it is fully equipped with all of the basic training equipment, dance and yoga studios, and other features that you will usually find in most commercial gyms. You no longer have to pay an exorbitant fee for a gym membership. You do not even need to commute because the gym is already in your home.

Your kids will also have a lot of fun in the Icon Tower. In the swimming pool area, you will find a kiddie pool where your little tykes can splash around and play. There is also a kiddie playground nearby where your kids can play with the other children in the building. You do not have to worry about their safety as the entire area has been child-proofed by the building management.

In case of a power outage, the Icon Tower has several huge backup power generators that will provide power to the public areas of the building. If ever the power does go out in the area, you can head over to the public spaces of the Icon Tower so you can charge your gadgets and cellphones.

The Icon Tower has all the basic amenities that you can expect from a condominium down pat, and then some. If you do not have the energy to go out and enjoy all the things provided by the BGC, you can just stay inside the building and partake of the many amenities provided.

  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness gym
  • Locker and changing rooms
  • Children’s playground
  • Multi-purpose function room
  • Adult and kiddie infinity swimming pool
  • Landscaped garden
  • Business Center
  • Commercial/Retail establishments
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The Icon Tower is one of the best residential spaces in Bonifacio Global City not just because of its high accessibility but also because of the fact that it is located far enough away from the center of the excitement that you can actually rest and relax. If you work in BGC, you do not have to worry about your morning commute to the office anymore because you can actually walk to work if you want. This means that aside from saving time, you also get some exercise and save a lot of money on gas and fares.

The residential units in the Icon provide more than enough space for individuals and families alike. The base model studio-type units are almost 50% larger than that of other condominiums in Metro Manila, which means you do not have to skimp on luxuries. The two and three-bedroom units, on the other hand, have more than enough space for small and medium-sized families to live in comfort.

The Icon Tower also has all of the amenities that you expect from a luxury high-rise condominium plus a bit more for good measure. Aside from getting a nice swimming pool area with a great view, you also have access to a gym facility that can rival most paid membership gyms in town.

The developers of the Icon Tower may be newbies in the real estate industry but they sure did a great job with this project. If you want to own a piece of this top-notch property, you need to act now as there are only a few choice units left; hesitate and they might be long gone when you make up your mind.

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